Sometime back in my university days, it dawned on me how much I missed my mother’s fantastic Sudanese home cooking and how I should strive to make these foods an essential part of my own life, outside of family occasions. The time had come for me to rethink my eating and cooking habits as well as to live more independently and sustainably. I spent the next couple of years collecting family recipes from my mother and aunts and noted the stories that naturally become part of food discussions. In the beginning, my work focused on the foods I knew well that my family regularly served, but after noticing the general lack of representation of all Sudanese foods, it didn’t seem right to only document our region’s foods. Eventually, what began as a personal project developed into an initiative to document all of Sudan’s traditional recipes, including its food history and culture.

In carrying out this work, I learned that Sudanese cooking reflects the land and the people that made it their home over centuries and millennia. Our food culture is about love for the family, community and most importantly, catering to personal preferences. This makes Sudanese food extremely versatile and able to cater to all dietary restrictions. As such most of our featured recipes include optional and hint sections. This website is a space for foodies of all backgrounds and skill levels to learn how to make everyday Sudanese meals and bring a bit of Sudanese culture into their lives.

We are in the process of self-publishing a cookbook with the support of our sponsors The DAL Group (DAL Food) and The United Nations World Food Programme (WFP). Our project is open to discussions with interested distributors.